Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hell is...

1) a teething toddler

2) a teething toddler with a temperature

3) a teething, sneezing toddler who's simply desperate to spend time with mummy between 4am and 7am

4) a teething, sneezing, non-sleeping toddler who gives mummy their cold. Not what I had in mind as a parent when I talked about hoping to instil a sense of generosity

5) looking after said teething, sneezing, non-sleeping toddler with a bone-aching cold myself and, horror to end all horrible horrors, no CBeebies because the internet is down

6) the slow realisation that no internet = no email, no Facebook and no BBC. Free fall panic. There's a minimum number of UK cookery programmes/soap operas/satirical news shows etc I need to see a week in order to survive this motherhood business

7) nothing for entertainment but Italian TV. ie: boobs and bums and 'Jersey Shore'(more boobs and bums). Re-runs of badly dubbed 'Murder She Wrote'. And that's prime time, I can't even talk about what's on mid-afternoon

8) did I mention that it's been snowing for 2 days and it's minus 5 outside?

9) btw, I'm 6 months pregnant. No medicine for that cold, signora. I'm tempted to sneak a few gulps of Isabel's Calpol

10) and G is away

Peekaboo! Sorry, that was the sound of me losing it...


Louise said...

I feel soooo badly for you. Tea with lots of lemon (maybe a little scotch), chicken soup, and hot water bottles. Keep the kid drugged and try to sleep yourself. Get well soon!

Mel said...

Thanks Louise! The worst seems to be behind us now, thank goodness! x