Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Rhyming Cutlet Recipe

A rhyming cutlet is easy to prepare,
It should be well-done and never rare.
Just pop it in a pan with salt and pepper on it,
and serve with a hefty side order of sonnet.
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First proper post

So, you know that I love tea and I'm married but you don't know much else about me. I'm in my twenties (I can only say that for the next 58 days so I'm milking it) and I live in Italy where fortunately, you're still considered a kid until you're about forty five which makes me a baby.

I don't want to use this blog to write what I do everyday because, to be frank, it's often dull enough while I'm doing it without then writing it all down to bore someone else too. I want to put all the extraordinary things that happen to me here. Things that make me laugh (trying to buy a toilet seat), want to scream (going to the Italian Post Office), cry (Berlusconi's back) etc.

This is also my personal space to put my poetry and stories. It maybe the only time my work ever sees the light of day and it's enormously satisfying for me to put my stuff out there even if no-one ever reads it. The point is that someone might read it and like it, and that's enough for me.

Mrs MdR (AKA Mel)
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Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Little Tea Time Prayer

Our tea, who art in the pot,
Delicious be thy name.
Thy crockery come,
Thy will be done,
With loose leaves as it is with tea bags.
Pour us this day our daily brew,
And forgive us our cappuccinos,
As we forgive those who sip cappuccinos in front of us.
Lead us not into Starbucks,
But deliver us to the nearest tearooms,
For thine is the cuppa,
The comfort and the flavour,
Forever and ever. Our Char.
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At Last

So my lovely husband has finally put me on the net .... he's such a nice guy I really love him.
Where would I be without him.
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