Thursday, 10 November 2011

Trouble in paradise

It must be so easy being a man. Why should I be a little nervous of taking my quote unquote 'spirited' toddler on a 2 hour train ride to Florence on my own while 4 months pregnant? Nothing easier. Anyone who's travelled on public transport with a small child knows exactly what an enormous pleasure it is. I simply dream of spending time with Isabel in confined spaces. Of course, I won't actually be alone: as well as a train full of people watching me, I'll also have the pushchair and a nice full rucksack for company. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Can you tell that G and I have had a row? Steam is literally coming out of my ears right now. It's going to take at least 15 cups of tea before I can even think about calming down and the very worst thing is that the bloody washing machine is on so I can't boil the kettle because the f!$#ing electrics in this f%*!ing country can't take more than one appliance at a time. Double, triple and quadruple grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My actual telephone conversation with G this morning went something like this:
G: 'So, what, you're never going to travel ever again? You're just going to stay in the house now forever? What about when the second one is born? That's it?'
Me: 'No, I just don't feel up to it RIGHT NOW - I'm finding some things more difficult now than I used to, it's just because I'm pregnant and because Isabel is getting really lively.'
G: 'Come on, a couple of hours on the train, it's no more difficult than taking her to the supermarket!'
Excuse me?
Me: 'Well, actually, you've never travelled alone with her so what do you know? I've taken her on trains and planes and it's ALWAYS really tough!'
G: 'I'd love to travel with her more but someone has to WORK you know.'
EXCUSE ME? Talk about below the belt.

So anyway, apparently everything is just easier if you're a man. Except of course managing to pee inside the toilet, pressing the 'on' button on the dishwasher and having a basic understanding of your wife.

In the end, and against my better judgement, I am indeed going to Florence tomorrow with Isabel on the train - God help me (and the other passengers). I believe that the journey will be less torturous than spending the weekend in Milan with a super-grumpy G moaning about all the things we could be doing if only I'd come down to join him in Florence. Wish me luck.


BigG said...

excuse me, could you just add that the reason for coming down to Florence is two spends three days in a beautiful Agriturismo and that you will relax in the countryside and LOVE IT!!

Mel said...

well, that might be one of the reasons for coming ;)

sugoandsunshine said...

I hear you...when I arrived here in Tuscany 12 years ago I had a 22 month and a 5 month both in diapers...the first two or three years were a blur for me. I remember sitting at home quite a lot, partly because I didn't have an italian driver's licence, partly because I was young and easily malleable. Have fun, elderly italian women are always willing to lend a hand. Take advantage of it!

Dianna Gendron said...

You make me laugh, Mel! I hope your expectations were not met!! Sending you some tranquility. Maybe, with jet-lag, it'll arrive in time for the trip home.

OHHHH. And CONGRATS on bundle (handful?) number 2!!! YAY. =)

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ah .. a man's perspective on the world. Have you heard those magic words 'but what do you DO all day?' yet?

I got so frustrated at one point when the boys were small that I wrote it all down, diary style. Husband was stunned, and he never asked again.

I hope you had/have a good time in Florence!