Monday, 17 October 2011

Three's company

I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog from Daily Mel to Annual Mel. Apparently, being a mum gets easier at some point (when child leaves home?) at which point I might have time for activities like making tea, washing my face and, somewhere down the line after cutting my finger nails and thinking about dinner, blogging. Right now, it's a case of daily survival- which definitely wouldn't be possible if G hadn't sorted out English telly. I couldn't do motherhood without Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing. No question. If the BBC figure out how to make it illegal to hook up to iPlayer from abroad then I'm finished. They'll find me sat rocking in the corner drooling and chewing on a leg of the high chair.

Having said all this, I've obviously had a bit of time on my hands because, huge gulp, I'M PREGNANT AGAIN. It's the most wonderful, thrilling and yet bone-chillingly terrifying feeling in the world. Morning sickness has been just as fun this time round, perhaps even more so with a very confused one-year-old to watch me puke. At one point she kept trying to give me her teddy whilst I was dry-heaving into the toilet. Bless.

Anyway, despite not blogging for ages, feeling sick and spending most the day toddler-chasing (must contact the organisers of London 2012 and suggest it as an Olympic sport) I still, as always, have much to say about the dolce vita and raising a perfectly per bene bambina milanese. Watch this space!

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Lelia said...

Congratulazioni! Hope everything's fine with you, Giovanni, Isabel and...Number Two!
A big hug,