Friday, 8 May 2009

Be green in Florence!

Check out my new eco-friendly page in The Florentine and keep your eyes peeled for more in future issues! Let me know if you are aware of any interesting environmental initiatives in Florence, or if there's anything you'd like to see in the column. Let's make Florence greener!

(By the way, under this sentence is says Read more! in a really excited way, but actually this is the end of the post and I just don't know how to take the Read more! away...)


Anonymous said...

good work miller!

Kimberly said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for your article and making space for a green voice in The Florentine. I'm working with Cathleen Compton, adding a Green Group to the Dem's Abroad organization. We've got a couple of events coming up in May, including a clean-up day to pick up trash around and out of the Mugnone (May 23). I'd love to see if you're willing and able to collaborate a bit and help us attract some volunteers. I intend this to be the first of many events, clean-up's included. :-) Please email me for more info:

Peggy OKelly said...

Do you do any freelance writing?

Mel said...

Dear Peggy,
I haven't done any freelance writing so far - but I'm cerainly interested in it!
Do I know you?

Elizabeth P. aka "Campobello" said...

Melissa, as you know, I am a committed bike commuter...I would like to see more bike-friendly initiatives in Florence, and coverage thereof in the Florentine. I really think that if more people would give up their cars and mopeds--and even public transport (which sucks anyway)--the world, and certainly Florence, would be a better place.

Mel said...

Ciao Campobello!
Funnily enough, I've just done a piece on cycling for The Florentine and have found out about a couple of pro-bike associations here in Florence. I became a member of one (Firenze in Bici)and just got back from 'Firenze all'Alba' - a VERY EARLY morning cycle tour around the centre organised by the group. Very cool!! It's good to know there are people out there promoting the use of bikes over cars (and a couple of the others this morning even had helmets!!)
Thanks for the suggestion and let me know if you have any more! See you later x

la Piccola Ciclista Fiorentina said...

Dear Melissa,
I'm from FirenzeInBici, and I would like to thank you for your piece on "The Florentine". I would like to remind to your readers that on our website ( there's a calendar of bike-friendly events (most of them sponsored by us). Unfortunately, our site is all in Italian!
Good luck and cheers,
Massimo Boscherini